Washingtonville Soccer Club - Orange County, NY - Latest blog entries http://www.wscsoccerclub.com/latest Tue, 21 Oct 2014 15:02:37 +0000 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-gb Washingtonville Soccer Club Has 7 Teams Place In 9th Annual Harvest Cup http://www.wscsoccerclub.com/entry/washingotnville-soccer-club-has-7-teams-place-in-9th-annual-harvest-cup http://www.wscsoccerclub.com/entry/washingotnville-soccer-club-has-7-teams-place-in-9th-annual-harvest-cup On Columbus day weekend, 75 teams traveled to Washingtonville Soccer Club's Shaw Rd. Soccer Complex to participate in the 9th Annual Harvest Cup. Among these were Washingotnville's 13 travel teams.  Seven of our teams were either finalist or champions.  Congratulations to the following teams on their accomplishments:

Girls U9 Lady Lightning - Champions



Girls U11 Blaze - Finalist




Girls U13 Flash - Finalist




Boys U12 FORCE - Champions




Boys U13 United - Champions



Boys U15 Thunder - Finalist



Boys HS Blue Bombers - Champions


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Travel Team Goal Keeper Training Update http://www.wscsoccerclub.com/entry/travel-team-goal-keeper-training-update http://www.wscsoccerclub.com/entry/travel-team-goal-keeper-training-update Travel Team Goal Keeper training will begin at 5 PM this evening.

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Travel Team BSI Training http://www.wscsoccerclub.com/entry/travel-tem-bsi-training http://www.wscsoccerclub.com/entry/travel-tem-bsi-training Just a reminder there is no Travel Team BSI training scheduled for this evening.

Training will resume next Monday.

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Thank You To Our Go For Goal Participants http://www.wscsoccerclub.com/entry/thank-you-to-our-go-for-goal-partipants http://www.wscsoccerclub.com/entry/thank-you-to-our-go-for-goal-partipants The Washingtonville Soccer Club would like to thank all who participated in the Go for Goal Camp 2014.  We hope that your child(ren) enjoyed the week long camp and walked away with new skills and techniques.  We look forward to seeing you in 2015.

A special thank you to Coach Tony Martelli and Ashley Drenth from the Washingtonville Soccer Shop for all they did to organize the camp and create a great experience for all the campers.

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Washingtonville Soccer Club Participates In Memorial Day Parade http://www.wscsoccerclub.com/entry/washingtonville-soccer-club-participates-in-memorial-day-parade http://www.wscsoccerclub.com/entry/washingtonville-soccer-club-participates-in-memorial-day-parade Over 50 players and coaches marched in Washingtonville's Memorial Day Parade on May 26, 2014.  All were excited to be part of the parade and to honor those who have made sacrifices for our country.  Thank you to all who have served or are currently serving for all that you have done and do. 




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iGive.Com and Washingtonville Soccer Club http://www.wscsoccerclub.com/entry/home http://www.wscsoccerclub.com/entry/home Washingtonville Soccer Club has signed up with iGive.com, which allows you to shop at over 800 popular online stores. With each purchase that is made a percentage is given to WSC. Participation is simple and free -- sign up by going to http://www.iGive.com/WashingtonvilleSoccerClub. Once your registration is complete, simply select the store you wish to purchase from, click on the link on the iGive page, and shop as usual. iGive does not require any credit card information. There are even daily coupons for your favorite sites as well. There is also a general internet search engine and for each search you do, a penny is donated towards WSC. Please support WSC as you shop online!

visit the store here

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